Qjet welcomes requests for ad-hoc support and mandates short or long term.

Project oversight; delivery, completion, refurbishment or maintenance supervision? Give us a call, it is not in our long term interest to offer a service we can't guarantee!

By combining our vast and broad experience with the principles of Project Management Institute (PMI), we ensure project optimisation, problem resolution, timeline monitoring and reporting when necessary.

Should your need be outside our capability, we would be happy to recommend a preferred service provider or partner from within our network.

 A summary of some of our services are listed below:

  1. End of lease transfer
  2. Postholder Continuing Airworthiness.
  3. General Technical Support.
  4. Technical Coordinator or Nominated Technical Representative.
  5. Airworthiness Survey Preparation and Support.
  6. Airworthiness Review and ARC for EASA reg. aircraft.
  7. Registration Change.
  8. Aircraft and Documents Appraisal Assessment.
  9. Aircraft Valuation for all aircraft types.
  10. Pre-purchase Document Review.
  11. Pre-purchase Inspection Work Scope Definition.
  12. Pre-purchase Inspection Supervision.
  13. Recuperate and return aircraft to service (repossession).
  14. Bringing aircraft to a marketable condition.
  15. Maintenance/Refurbishment/Completion supervision and oversight.
  16. Aircraft handover and project closure.