Qjet strongly believes that every owner and/or operator has very specific needs that require a tailored approach that we can arrange for all registries EASA and non-EASA.

Standard packages don't often work well in this industry. It need not be complicated, however keeping things "simple" can be!

The choice of registry is normally influenced more or less by legal and tax related agenda, and specilised lawyers are strongly advised for these first decisions including setting up a specific company for ownership and/or operational requirements. Please note that lawyers are not needed and shouldn't be involved in the (next) registration phase of the aircraft.

Qjet would be most interested in helping you take a wise and informed choice, as every registry has specific advantages and disadvantages. 

Many of these registries offer excellent service, very high standards and ensure that an aircraft operator remains flexible and focused on its principle role of flying the plane.

Qjet works with all registries and all aircraft types. For private and commercial operations, give us a call or contact us by email immediately.