1 Feb

QJET Announcements


Qjet Strong Growth in VIP Sector

2016 was a heavy year with much activity and change. Qjet provided PPI support and new aircraft enrolments on several occasions with very satisfying results.

2017 is shaping to be another big year, with two new contracts for mid size business jets recently signed.

Qjet continues to deliver services of the highest standards and now offers full aircraft management services in conjunction with The Jet Firm



In order to extend our rage of services, Qjet is currently implementing approval for EASA Part M subpart G and I Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation certification.


Questions asked to EASA; Operator & CAMO responsibility under Part NCC and Part T…

In regard to the Basic and Implementing Rules that don’t seem to refer/clarify:
  1. With respect to private (general) aviation complex aircraft & NCC, it is indicated in the ANNEX 1, Part M, M.A.201 that the “owner/lessee" is responsible for the Continued Airworthiness, accept in the case of AOC. Assuming the owner uses a CAMO (as legally required), can they be either contracted (responsible for CAW) or sub-contracted (owner is still responsible for CAW)? Where is this reference please? 
  2. In Air Operations Article 5 of Commission Regulation 965/2012 the Operator becomes responsible for the operation of the aircraft. Who, at that point is responsible for the Continued Airworthiness of the aircraft, operator, owner or CAMO? Where is this reference?
  3. When is PART T expected to be published and what impact will it have on the above (in broad terms)?

The EASA response(s) will be published when received.

NO ANSWERS WERE EVER RECEIVED. A new submission will be made soon!

1 Feb

QJET Partnerships


Qjet Partner's with Swiss Aeronautic Solutions

Qjet is now formally working with Swiss Aeronautic Solutions (http://swissaerosolutions.ch/en/). Specialised in Aircraft Operations of all registries with a special focus on SMS and integrated systems management – an intuitive way of running your flight department. This allows us to offer a complete package to operators and clients looking for a one-stop-shop.

2 Feb

Industry Announcements



The deadline for Part NCC compliance for Operators of EASA and non-EASA registered aircraft, with their principle place of business in the EU or an EASA member state, "was" August 2016. Please refer to the articles below for further information.


New EU Part NCC Revolution riddled uncertainty

Part NCC Quick EU reaction required

Part NCC Easa for a global solution

How to comply with Part NCC requirements 



New Isle of Man Civil Aviation Operator Requirement

The Isle of Man Civil Aviation (CAAIM) have adopted new standards that will meet the requirement of ICAO Annex 6 Part II. This implies that all Operators will now be obliged to create a system that will include Operations Manuals, Safety Management System, Emergency Response plan, Accountable Manager and Safety Officer.

These changes will align the Isle of Man Civil Aviation (CAAIM) with the CAACI and BDCA who are Annex 6 Part II compliant already for many years and who endorse IS-BAO as an acceptable means of compliance. No specific details have been published relative the IofM position to the EASA Part NCC compliance deadline of August 2016. Please refer to the articles below for further information.