1. Who we are

    Your Aero Partner!

    QJET represents the NEXT GENERATION of Specialists in Business Aviation Technical Services.

    Whether you are repossessing, selling or purchasing an aircraft, in need of specialised and neutral Completion or Maintenance Support, requiring a Continued Airworthiness Manager or Asset Management Support, we can help!

    Effective communication, structuring your operation, keeping things simple (not easy!), as well as controlling cost are key to success. We are using solid experience, clever thinking as well as the latest tools and technology to meet your expectations.

    Committed professionals, who believe the aviation experience for all within the industry including end users, can and should be better!

    Qjet strongly believes that one hat doesn’t fit every operation, that services must be tailored to meet the needs of every single client. While there is obviously a place in this industry for the AOC and aircraft owners seeking to recuperate their investment, we are convinced that your private Rolls Royce should not be turned into a taxi!

    What we do

    We apply integrity, respect and  professionalism, promoting private and corporate business aviation with passion. Offering a quality value-for-money product and saving along the way, potentially hundreds of thousands over the lifetime of the aircraft, on the maintenance and operational budget.

    Specialising in working with small private and/or corporate operators to reduce maintenance and operating budget while optimising reliability. There is no need for a costly AOC management company; with a dedicated Crew, Operations Support and contracted Technical Manager costs are greatly reduced and flexibility is maintained!

    Areas of expertise in our industry provoking many disputes are that of aircraft sale and purchase, as well asset management. All too often so-called professionals can be more interested in the quick buck, than ensuring a quality product and satisfied client. We recommend independent opinion whenever possible, free of conflict of interest and self centred goals. Excellent Return on Investment (ROI) for consultant fees is almost guaranteed and can easily be up to and above 500-1000%.


  2. Where we are


    Qjet headquarters is based in the Canton of Fribourg, with its main office at "Swiss Aeropole" on Payerne Airport in the 3 lakes region of western Switzerland.

    The Aeropole is already acclaimed worldwide for its participation in high tech aeronautical projects, such as Solar Impulse and Solar Stratos, many believing in an exciting future ahead...

    For a list of all residents and partners please refer to the following link: https://www.swissaeropole.com/en/partners/



    Why we do it

    Not just a job, a vocation. We enjoy what we do, conviction that there is industry progress to make!

Aéropôle de la Broye,1530