Despite the negative consequences repossession can have on lenders and our industry in general, Qjet find this sector of our activity one of the most interesting and challenging!

No two situations are the same, with each repossession scenario a project in its own right. 

Return to Service, Document Review and preparation, Continued Airworthiness, Maintenance Supervision, PPI Support, Aircraft Handover and more are all part of the process.

Perhaps of interest for lenders and banks financing the purchase of Business Aircraft. They may like to ensure they know the whereabouts of an aircraft or their entire fleet. Or at least to have automatic alerts whenever there are signs that a repossession could be imminent....

  • AOG in one location for extended period?
  • Several sequential months of falling activity?

Qjet recommend WINGX-Advance for all data gathering and analysis requirements, including that of aircraft position. Please refer to their website link in the footer below.