Qjet doesn't profess to know everything, but through a strong network of partners and preferred service providers, will do our best to help you find support for what you need if we can't help.

A summary of our services are listed below:

  1. General Technical Support.
  2. Technical Coordinator or Nominated Technical Representative.
  3. Airworthiness Survey Preparation and Support.
  4. Registration Change for (but not limited to) - Isle of Man Aircraft Registry.
  5. Registration Change for (but not limited to) - Sans Marino Aircraft Registry.
  6. Registration Change for (but not limited to) - Cayman Islands Aircraft Registry.
  7. Registration Change for (but not limited to) - Bermuda Aircraft Registry.
  8. Registration Change for (but not limited to) - USA Aircraft Registry.
  9. Aircraft and Documents Appraisal Assessment.
  10. Aircraft Valuation for all aircraft types.
  11. Pre-purchase Document Review.
  12. Pre-purchase Inspection Work Scope Definition.
  13. Pre-purchase Inspection Supervision.
  14. Recuperate and return aircraft to service (repossession).
  15. Bringing aircraft to a marketable condition.
  16. Maintenance/Refurbishment/Completion supervision and oversight.
  17. Aircraft handover and project closure.